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Ok, I got it

I be Emma, I be 17 as of the 26th November, and I be located in North Wales!

This be my site, may you have much fun looking around!   And may you also please sign the guestbook, for fear of my veterinary drugs!

May the force be with you!

She who is sober
The bassoonist who can outblow TWO trombones
Emma the Hippy
5881 hits
Kates Master Inc.
My wandering thoughts...
A little later that night - Yeah.   The video thing?   Didn't work.   Meh.

21/9/07 - Sooo...dropped off the face of the earth for a couple of months, passed a few exams, had a fantastic four days in Nottingham and an incredible week in Guernsey, survived yet another music course, READ HARRY POTTER 7, and generally passed away the summer...Threenew pages for your persual and possible enjoyment, and a few more bits and bobs here and there.   And I made a video!   I'm currently trying to put it at the bottem of the relevent page (Potter Madness), but whether that works...who knows...see you about.

1/7/07 - Woah.   What a four months.   So jam-packed with all the exciting things that make up my life that I've barely had chance to write anything...yeah.   Right.   In reality, I've been stuffed full of that lovely thing we call revision.   And Exams.   And now that's all finished, I seem to have more to do than ever.   But such is life.   Ian's party pictures are finally up, as are a couple of new bits and bobs about the place, mainly in random pictures.   Enjoy.

3/3/07 - Ho hum.   Year trudgeing onwards with alarming speed, as ever.   And my poor Errol is dead.   And exams start in 11 weeks.   But...HARRY POTTER IN 139 DAYS!!!   New photos up on both hedge and pets pages, and not much else.   Ho hum.

9/02/07 - Opps.   It would appear my thoughts haven't been wandering all that much recently...that's not true, I've just not got round to writting anything up here!   What with christmas, Guernsey, Hannah departing for a better place down under   (New Zealand, not a grave), and life in general, it has all been pretty hectic!   But hey!   We have snow!   Lots and lots of lovely snow!   Proper deep stuff, my poor hens are so confused.   Photos of them venturing out in it will be up on the Pets page at some point, when I get round to it...also new, a Guernsey Visit '07 page, and my list of many names!   And now I'm off to throw a snowball at someone!   *Eyes Beth with glee*

23/12/06 - So.   I'm ba-ack!!!   Home again, jiggity jig.   Four days in Nottingham, on a Vet-Link course, which was rather spiffing!!!   Important discoverys were made, including that of "Reptile Girl", and the rather mindblowing fact that the Caribbean is in fact no where near Spain!   Amazing!   Plus, today, I discovered the name of a piece of music I'd been searching for for aggggges - The Piano Man.   I heard it on Strictly Come Dancing a few weeks ago, and it was just so...happy in a sad sort of way, makes everything seem so good for the time it's playing...yeah.   It's been an odd day - a shocking Robin Hood!!!   And then I discovered it is impossible to write emails, decorate your bedroom, watch TV, listen to your dogs heartbeat and talk on MSN all at once.   Well who'd have known!!!

13/12/06 - New pets page in process!!!   Should be up soon.   And, YEY, Torchwood Series Two has been comfirmed!!!!   Oh happy days!!!!
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